When were the Aztecs around?

The Aztec civilization was officially founded in the 1300s when the Mexica people and a couple of other tribes had settled in Central Mexico, formed cities, and, the three major cities banded together to form a larger society. This society grew and flourished in the pre-Columbian period, which is the time before Christopher Columbus came to the Americas to conquer and colonize. When the conquistadors began to arrive and conquer, the Aztec society was weakened more and more.

In 1520, the famous emperor Moctezuma was killed during a civil uprising triggered by his compliance with the Spaniard Cortes, who ordered him to execute the commanders of Aztec troops who had destroyed a Spanish camp on the gulf coast. His successor, Cuitláhuac, was the last ruler of the Aztec civilization. He was captured by the Spaniards in 1521 and killed in 1525. After his capture and death, Spaniards quickly moved in to take over the land.

Although that was the end of the Aztec society, some people with Aztec ancestry are still alive and well in modern-day Mexico, and echoes of the culture can still be found throughout Mexican history, despite attempts by European colonizers to completely eradicate the old cultures and customs in favor of their own attitudes and religion.