Aztec Style: All Things Amerindian

  • Aztec Costumes for Cosplay

    The Aztecs were a society who lived mostly in central Mexico between the 14th and 16th centuries. Their primary language was Nahuatl. Since their climate was a tropical one they tended to be conservative with their clothing. The exceptions were the slaves, commoners and nobles. They had to sew their own clothes because they couldn’t […]

  • Aztec Weapons

    The Aztec ruled the ancient Mexican landscape, serving as the dominant culture for centuries prior to European arrival. There are many basic Aztec facts that are fascinating, but most people are interested to know about their history as warriors. While the Aztecs fought vigorously against the conquistadors, they were already known for military might. During […]

  • Buy a Macuahuitl Online (Real Macuahuitl for Sale)

    The Macuahuitl is often nicknamed the “obsidian chainsaw” by weapons enthusiasts, and the description of the weapon certainly fits. The word Macuahuitl means “hand-wood” in the Nahuatl language. It was an oak or pine club roughly three to four feet in length, and it was built with a narrow handle opening onto a wide rectangular […]

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